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Historic Greenwich and Blackheath

This is a scenic walk in one of the most attractive parks in London and was once the playground of Henry VIII. Hear about our very unconventional Queen Caroline of Brunswick and view what remains of her bathhouse. The tour will us past the Royal Observatory and into the Wilderness Deer park where we will be able to view the red and fallow deer. The tour continues over the heath, with tales of highwaymen and recorded history dating back to the 1300's.




Wapping to Waterloo


This fabulous tour takes in stories of murder and the Marine police, Jack the Ripper's mortuary, the oldest music hall in the world, a walk along the river Thames and the most beautiful row of preserved Georgian houses in London.





Deptford river walk & Naval history

Deptford is quite an interesting and historic part of London. During this tour we will visit the first of the royal dockyards that was founded by King Henry VIII of England in 1513, and was one of the most important dockyards for over 300 years. Not only does the area boast naval royal heritage, but it is also has historical links to the famous 17th century diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn who chronicled the area in there lifetimes. Learn about the connection to Deptford and the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, as we stroll through along the south side of the river. Our guide will lead you through the strange mix of old and modern scenery, where you will find the magnificent centuries old Victualling Yard which provided the ships with all the necessary supplies for seafaring. Queen Victoria also thought it was worth a visit in the 1800's, so you will be in good company. The river path will take us into the charming Greenland Dock Marina and into the Russia Dock Woodlands, which is a stunning landscaped ecological park which runs along the river. The tour will end at Canada Water station, which is on the Jubilee line. 


Historic Bermondsey 

Starting in a popular tourist location, once past Tower Bridge we definitely go off the beaten track. You will hear about the history of the Cluniac monks from the 11th century who came to London from France and set up a monastery close to the river Thames. You will see the gorgeous galleries and antique markets of Bermondsey St. Continuing along the river you will discover the stunning Mayflower public house, where the ship of the same name made its voyage to the new world back in the 1600's. A popular and interesting walk with lots of historical sights along the way.





Rotherhithe - Historic Thameside and the Mayflower

Come along on this beautiful, historic walk around one of the most interesting parts of London and a bit off the beaten track. Full of gloriously, diverse locations including a hidden film studio, a visit to a city farm, a walk along the river Thames, a 360 degree view of London from Stave Hill. Stroll around a beautiful ecological park, a 17th century school and a cobbled street. Hear stories about seafarers and the historic Mayflower. Tales of East London brothers the Kray Twins, grave robbers and the sea captains who once lived and sailed from this wonderful location. A walk for all ages and anyone interested in discovering more about London's history.




The Three Basins

This walking tour will begin with a stroll along the river Thames on the North Bank towards our first Basin, Limehouse. This is a beautiful residential area with one of the oldest pubs in London, along with a stunning marina. The original London Chinatown, it is a very historical place and written about by the likes of Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We will continue along the river and view our other two very attractive Basins at Shadwell and Hermitage docks. The walk will finally take us to Wapping High Street. A pleasant river location which houses the rich and famous along with three of the oldest riverside pubs in London. The tour finishes here at Wapping High Street where London Overground trains can be sought from Wapping Railway Station.



Whitechapel and it's shady past

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